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The #1 independent novel of 2018 is available exclusively on Amazon.



Kindle, Audible & Paperback


Warrantless searches.

Illegal surveillance.

Prisoners locked in indefinite detention.

It's all in the name of national security, or so we’re told. While the government expands its power behind a veil of secrecy, a complicit media remains silent.

As the world continues to spiral, it’s business as usual in North Valley—a sleepy suburb known for little more than golf courses and overpriced real estate . . . until a series of murders casts a shadow over the town.

When Calista Scott investigates the death of her classmate, she uncovers a secret the government has been protecting all along:


Magick is real.

It's the most dangerous weapon in existence.

And the grimoire her classmate left behind is the equivalent of a loose nuke.




Nineteen Eighty-Four, 007 and The Craft collide in an all new magical spy thriller from Blake Northcott, the international best-selling author of Arena Mode


I love this book. Blake Northcott has seamlessly shifted genres and proven she’s as masterful in magic and fantasy as she was in superheroes and science-fiction. Don’t pick this up unless you’re prepared to not put it down.”

Mark Millar

Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Marvel's Civil War & Old Man Logan, upcoming Netflix Millarworld films including The Secret Order & Prodigy.

There is world-building going on all throughout fiction these days - and then there is Blake Northcott taking it to another level. Telling the story of a magical conspiracy through the lens of teen adventure, The North Valley Grimoire is what would happen if James Patterson and J.K. Rowling had a baby and it grew up to be a best-seller.”

Scott Lobdell 

Hollywood screenwriter of  Happy Death Day, Marvel Comics writer of Uncanny X-Men & X-Factor


The Team


Roc Upchurch

Cover and interior illustrator, The North Valley Grimoire.


Artist and co-creator of Image Comics Rat Queens.


Nominated for the 2014 Eisner Award for Best New Series, and won the 2015 GLAAD Media Award.

*note: Roc Upchurch's ten full-color interior illustrations were Kickstarter & Indiegogo exclusives, solely for the limited edition 2018 print run


Blake Northcott

Writer and creator, The North Valley Grimoire.

Writer of Arena Mode, which was nominated for a BSFA (Best Novel of 2013). 

The Arena Mode Saga trilogy sold 250,000 copies worldwide, and is part of the high school curriculum in the state of Florida.

Semi-finalist, James Patterson's 2017 Masterclass contest. 

In 2018 Northcott's magical spy thriller The North Valley Grimoire was the most-funded and most-backed original fiction novel on Kickstarter.


Sean Dyer

Editor, graphic designer and marketing consultant, The North Valley Grimoire.

Co-owner and President of Digital Vanguard, Inc., a Canadian based marketing, consulting and publishing company.

david nakayama.png

David Nakayama

Variant cover illustrator, The North Valley Grimoire.


 Illustrator, concept artist, and art director.


Best known for his Marvel Comics cover art, including X-Men, Deadpool, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Deadpool.

*note: David Nakayama's variant cover was a Kickstarter & Indiegogo exclusive, solely for the limited edition 2018 print run


Linnea Sage

Audio book narrator, The North Valley Grimoire.

Award winning actor and writer. 


Star of the Fullscreen series WILDCATS.

Voice of Nebula and Sharon Carter/Agent 13 in Marvel's 

Avengers Academy video game.

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