Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Blake Northcott is a veteran of more than thirty issues for multiple companies, including Chapterhouse Comics, Aspen Comics, Dynamite Comics, Allegiance Arts/Walmart, Scout Comics, DC Comics, and Heavy Metal Magazine.

  • Agents of P.A.C.T. #1 - #2

  • Michael Turner’s Fathom (Vol. 6) #1 - #8

  • Executive Assistant Iris (Vol. 5) #1 - #5

  • Aspen Visions #1 - #3

  • Vampirella Halloween Special #1

  • Norah’s Saga #1 - #6

  • Catwoman #23 (First Blake Northcott DC comic; first-day sellout, multiple printings, First Printing became an eBay collector’s item)

  • Catwoman #23 2nd Printing (sell-out)

  • Catwoman #24 (sell-out)

  • Everglade Angels #1 - #2 (sellout on both Kickstarter and at Scout Comics, a combined 5 printings)

  • Heavy Metal Magazine All-Star Issue #300 (SYNAP$E story, sell-out)

  • Heavy Metal Magazine #304 

  • Evanescence - ‘Echoes From the Void’



Northcott has been a multiple-time guest at the San Diego Comic Con, Toronto Fan Expo, Stan Lee's L.A. Comikazee, and several other conventions across Canada and the United States.

She has also appeared at comic book signings at stores across Canada and the United States, as well as the New York City Comic Con.

Northcott was a speaker at the Diversity Panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2017, alongside Elena Salcedo, Hannibal Tabu, Khary Randolph, Siya Oum, Joe Illidge, and Marcus To.