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Catwoman at DC Comics

Catwoman #23 "We Have Fun & Games"


Written and co-plotted by Blake Northcott, co-plotted by Sean Murphy, Art by Cian Tormey

Even Catwoman needs a break from the city sometimes! Featuring a story by Eisner Award winner Sean Murphy (Batman: White Knight) and the DC debut of co-writer Blake Northcott (Vampirella), join Catwoman on this two-part story as she leaves for the jungle to blow off some steam in the best way she knows how ... stealing the world's largest diamond from an annual super-secret supervillain auction, of course!


In comic stores: Tuesday July 14th

Heavy Metal #300

Heavy Metal Looks To The Future With New Imprint, Landmark 300th Issue


If you’re a comics or science fiction fan, the name Heavy Metal conjures up some very specific imagery that has nothing to do with screaming guitar solos or headbanging, and a lot to do with sexy robots, cynical zombies and scantly-clad warriors riding pterodactyls. The venerable sci-fi magazine has had its ups and downs since it debuted in 1977, but recently brought in a new executive team with a commitment to restore the luster of Heavy Metal’s glory days.

Read the entire article at FORBES.com

The #1 Independent Novel of 2018, #1 Amazon New Release & Bestseller in 2019

  • THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE is Kickstarter's most funded & most backed Fiction Book of 2018 worldwide

  • Canada's most popular fiction book ever on Kickstarter

  • 1,100+ backers and CA$ 79,943 in funding from Kickstarter and Indiegogo combined (July/August 2018)

  • In week 1, the book crowdfunded at the pace of a New York Times Bestseller

  • #1 new release in pre-sales & the #1 Bestseller on Amazon (Magical Realism category, January 2019) 

Endorsements from Mark MIllar (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Marvel's Civil War), Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Catwoman), Rees Jones (co-author of Royals, with the world's #1 selling author, James Patterson), Scott Lobdell (screenwriter of blockbuster Happy Death Day) and more. Learn More

grimoire-digital-cover -alt.jpg

A wrong turn down a dead end road.

A car that won't start.

An unspeakable evil emerges from the darkness.

No phones. No weapons. No escape.

Think you've seen this all before? 


When a girls softball team takes a shortcut through the Florida Everglades, they veer off the path towards a night they'll never forget – drinking, dancing – one last hurrah before college starts and they go their separate ways. 

When they stumble into a trap set by a murderous cult, the stage is set for a night of blood-soaked carnage – but the cult has never dealt with victims who are ready to fight back. 

And while the girls might not have home field advantage, they have a game-changing surprise of their own.

This 48-page graphic novel is a double-header of murder and mystery that will crack you square in the skull – it’s unfiltered survival horror like you've never seen before!

BATTER UP, MOTHERF#@&ERS. It's time to play ball. EvergladeAngels.com

The Most Funded Sci-Fi Series Ever On Kickstarter

The Arena Mode Saga is the most-funded sci-fi series in the history of Kickstarter.

  • Now 500,000 copies sold worldwide!

  • 1,000 Five-Star Reviews ★★★★★

  • "Arena Mode" was #1 on Amazon in Canada, The US, France and the UK

  • "Arena Mode" was nominated for a BSFA (British Science Fiction Award) in 2013

  • The series is being taught as part of the high school curriculum in the state of Florida

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