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Blake Northcott has written over 40 novels and graphic novels that have been bestsellers across Canada, The United States, the United Kingdom and France.

In addition to releasing creator-owned comics and prose novels, Blake works with the biggest brands in publishing, comic books, music, and Web3.


Learn more about Blake Northcott by visiting her profile on, and contact her with business inquiries.


About Northworld Publishing


​Northworld™ is founded by Canadian author Blake Northcott. Northworld™ is the publishing division of Digital Vanguard, Inc. (an incorporated business based in Ontario, Canada) with a focus on prestige edition novels and graphic novels.

Endorsements & Affiliations


Northworld Publishing™, and by extension Blake Northcott, is not a member of any club, group, association, or movement, and does not endorse (or have any affiliations with) any religion, activist group, or political party (either online or offline) and never has been.


Blake Northcott’s social media interactions (follows, likes, retweets, shares, etc.) do not constitute an endorsement of any view (political, religious, or otherwise) and should not be interpreted as affiliation with any club, group, movement, or individual – past, present or future.

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