Canada's #1 Fiction Novel of All Time on Kickstarter

is now an International Bestseller 

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From acclaimed author and comic book writer Blake Northcott (DC Comics' Catwoman, Heavy Metal Magazine's Synapse, and the international bestselling Arena Mode trilogy) comes a magical spy thriller with a murder-mystery twist!


“I love this book. Blake Northcott has seamlessly shifted genres and proven she’s as masterful in magic and fantasy as she was in science-fiction.


"Don’t pick this up unless you’re prepared to not put it down.”

​- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Jupiter's Legacy)

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Snoochie Boochies

Join myself and the stars of AMC's hit series 'Comic Book Men', Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic, as we discuss Catwoman, Heavy Metal Magazine, DC Comics, movies, and other nonsense. Snoogins.


Supporting Adria Through Her Cancer Battle

Update from Rose Wheeler, Adria's mother: We also had Adria's AFO leg braces measured yesterday. It will come to around $2300... This is what you all are helping with. Leg braces, gas trips, rent, Eye glasses, dental appointments and other medications that are needed and everything is appreciated.

I am not working at the moment, so every little bit helps. Thank you everyone who donated!
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