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The #1 Independent

Novel of 2018!

  • THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE is Kickstarter's most funded & most backed Fiction Book of 2018 worldwide

  • Canada's most popular fiction book ever on Kickstarter

  • 1,100+ backers and CA$ 79,943 in funding from Kickstarter and Indiegogo combined (July/August 2018)

  • In week 1, the book crowdfunded at the pace of a New York Times Bestseller

  • #1 new release in pre-sales & the #1 Bestseller on Amazon (Magical Realism category, January 2019) 

Endorsements from Mark MIllar (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Marvel's Civil War), Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Catwoman), Rees Jones (co-author of Royals, with the world's #1 selling author, James Patterson), Scott Lobdell (screenwriter of blockbuster Happy Death Day) and more. Learn More

Fathom Vol 6 TPB

Story: Blake Northcott
Art: Marco Renna
Colors: John Starr


Dive back into the world of MICHAEL TURNER’S FATHOM in this great jumping-on point for new readers!


ASPEN MATTHEW’S role in the new ASPEN UNIVERSE, spawning from last summer’s mega-event, Aspen Universe: Revelations, is larger than ever!


The preeminent heroine must navigate the treacherous divide between the humans and her ancestral people of The Blue—as well as the surprises in store for both races in a landscape where anything is possible!


In stores JUNE 20th 2018! 


Pre-order at Amazon.com 


A wrong turn down a dead end road.

A car that won't start.

An unspeakable evil emerges from the darkness.

No phones. No weapons. No escape.

Think you've seen this all before? 


When a girls softball team takes a shortcut through the Florida Everglades, they veer off the path towards a night they'll never forget – drinking, dancing – one last hurrah before college starts and they go their separate ways. 

When they stumble into a trap set by a murderous cult, the stage is set for a night of blood-soaked carnage – but the cult has never dealt with victims who are ready to fight back. 

And while the girls might not have home field advantage, they have a game-changing surprise of their own.

This 48-page graphic novel is a double-header of murder and mystery that will crack you square in the skull – it’s unfiltered survival horror like you've never seen before!


It's time to play ball. EvergladeAngels.com


Vampirella Halloween

Special One Shot

Rating: Teen +

Cover A: Reilly Brown

UPC: 725130273420 01011

Writers: Scott Lobdell, Blake Northcott
Art: Rapha Lobosco, Anthony Marques
Genre: Horror

Page Count: 40 Pages

ON SALE DATE: 10/24/2018

Where Vampirella comes from they don't celebrate birthdays -- so she had to choose her own. Is it any wonder she picked Halloween night? Unfortunately, her simple celebration is interrupted by -- you guessed it -- one of those pan-dimensional demonic invasions that often seem to take place on All Hallows Eve! Order Now

The Most Funded Science-Fiction Series of All Time on Kickstarter

The Arena Mode Saga is the most-funded sci-fi series in the history of Kickstarter.

  • 250,000 copies sold worldwide

  • 1,000 Five-Star Reviews ★★★★★

  • "Arena Mode" was #1 on Amazon in Canada, The US, France and the UK

  • "Arena Mode" was nominated for a BSFA (British Science Fiction Award) in 2013

  • The series is being taught as part of the high school curriculum in the state of Florida

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