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“I love this book. Blake Northcott has seamlessly shifted genres and proven she’s as masterful in magic and fantasy as she was in superheroes and science-fiction. Don’t pick this up unless you’re prepared to not put it down.” ​

- Mark Millar (Writer of The Magic Order, Kingsman, Marvel's Civil War, Old Man Logan, Kick-Ass, Wanted. President of MILLARWORLD division at NETFLIX.)

"There is world-building going on all throughout fiction these days -- and then there is Blake Northcott taking it to another level.


Telling the story of a magical conspiracy through the lens of teen adventure, The North Valley Grimoire is what would happen if James Patterson and J.K. Rowling had a baby and it grew up to be a best-seller." ​  

- Scott Lobdell (Hollywood screenwriter of blockbuster Happy Death Day, Marvel Comics writer of Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor) ​ ​  

"From the first paragraph, The North Valley Grimoire grabs the reader. And once it takes hold, it refuses to let go.


Successfully fusing a spy thriller and supernatural adventure is not easy, not without losing key elements that make both genres so entertaining, but Blake Northcott delivers in full, face-melting force, all while building an immersive world that you will not want to leave. She has a real winner on her hands here!" ​ 

- Cullen Bunn (New York Times bestselling author of The 6th Gun, X-Men Blue, and Deadpool Assassin) ​ ​ 


"A razor sharp page-turner that seamlessly blends two worlds--a late 90s teen horror film, and a cat-and-mouse spy thriller where magic is a weapon. It's electric, and I've never read anything like it."  

- Rees Jones (co-author of Royals, with the world's #1 selling author, James Patterson) ​  

"Engaging, relevant and poignant! A deft combination of ancient magic and modern mayhem!"  

- Dan Panosian (Spawn, Thor, Captain America) ​ ​  

“The North Valley Grimoire is like the tight flashlight beam preceding you into a basement where you’re sure you heard something loud and wrong but you can’t help but explore, no matter what awaits.” 

- Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Gen13) ​  

"Anyone that knows me knows I hate magic, but after The North Valley Grimoire I'm changing my opinion. I blame Blake Northcott."


- Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Power Girl)  

"Blake Northcott is one of the bright and shining stars of comics and literature. Her stories are told in unique and interesting perceptive, and are wholly entertaining."

- Frank Cho (Hulk, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy) ​ ​

"Horror has a compelling, new protagonist in Calista Scott, and a powerful, new voice in author Blake Northcott. Read this book...but do it with the lights on."

- Bryan Edward Hill (Writer at DC's Detective Comics, Hollywood scriptwriter of Ash vs. The Evil Dead)

"Blake Northcott's stories are pure adventure, pressure cooked in a cauldron of heroism, pragmatism, and suspense. No one blends realism and fantasy like Blake, for hers is a resounding voice in these brave new worlds of her own making!"

- Gary Makries, Geeks of Doom

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