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Spycraft meets Spellcraft

When Calista Scott investigates the death of her classmate, she uncovers a secret the government has been protecting all along: magick is real.

​It's the most dangerous weapon in existence.

​And the grimoire her classmate left behind is the equivalent of a loose nuke.

The North Valley Grimoire is a cat-and-mouse spy thriller that weaves in elements of fantasy and magic.

  • It was Kickstarter's most funded & most backed Fiction Book of 2018 worldwide

  • Kickstarter's most funded & most backed Fiction Book of all time in Canada

  • #1 New Release in Pre-Sales on Amazon (Magical Realism category, January 2019)

  • #1 Bestseller on Amazon (Magical Realism category, January 2019)


In the opening chapter, we discover the government has been tracking Jackson Carter for abusing magick, and wants to apprehend him - but a routine snatch-and-grab goes horribly wrong.

He dies, but not before revealing the location of his hidden grimoire to his classmate Calsita Scott.


After finding Jackson's grimoire, Calista realizes she can use magick to free her mother from prison.


During a painful visit, she fears her mother might not last much longer behind bars.


While trying to unlock the secrets of the grimoire, Calista realizes the tattoo on her back holds the key.


As Calista dabbles in magick, FATHER Division (the CIA's clandestine supernatural task force) sends Agent Malek to find her.

But we soon discover that Malek has an agenda of his own, and may not be as loyal to the Agency as we first thought.


Calista fully realizes her powers, and is able to channel magick.


In the finale, Calista is drawn into a battle with another agent who has gone rogue, and wants the grimoire for himself.


The logo for FATHER (Federal Authority of Transmogrified Human Expression Research)

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