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Northworld Publishing™ welcomes readers and creators from all backgrounds, faiths, political beliefs, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Full site launch is scheduled for November, 2019.


We hire creators based solely on the quality of the work they produce, and their passion for sci-fi, horror & fantasy.

We are not currently hiring contract workers, but we are always looking for talented artists, editors, voice actors, and other creative people to hire for future projects. Please connect with us on social media for additional updates.

And check Northworld.ca again soon!


Northworld Publishing™, and by extension Blake Northcott, is not a member of any club, group, or movement, and does not endorse (or have any affiliations with) any religion, activist group, or political party (either online or offline).

Blake Northcott’s social media interactions (follows, likes, retweets, shares, etc.) do not constitute an endorsement of any view – political, religious, or otherwise – and should not be interpreted as affiliation with any club, group, movement, or individual.


Northworld™ is founded by Canadian author Blake Northcott. Northworld™ is the publishing division of Digital Vanguard, Inc. (an incorporated business based in Ontario, Canada) with a focus on prestige edition novels and graphic novels.

Northworld™, The North Valley Grimoire™ and Everglade Angels™ are copyright
2019 Digital Vanguard, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)