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Have your art appear in the debut issue of Whatnot Publishing's "THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE"

"The North Valley Grimoire" hits stores everywhere on May 17th! And for the first issue, we'll be including fan art in the back pages!

Send me your art by APRIL 8 (this deadline is non-negotiable!) and selected pieces will appear in the back of Issue #1.


  • Draw either Agent Malek, Calista, or Jackson (reference photos are below!)

  • Hand drawn or digital are both fine

  • Black and white or full color - the choice is yours

  • Sorry, robots: no A.I. art

  • And sorry, pervs: no nudity

  • I like artificial intelligence and boobs as much as the next person, but those are the rules

  • Aside from that, go nuts - is Calista levitating a car? Is Malek fighting Captain America? Or are they just standing there looking bad-ass? You decide.

  • And again, April 8th, 2023 at 11:59pm EST is the absolute cut-off


Send high resolution files to


And then post your art on any social platform or blog, with the hashtag #UnlockTheGrimoire


  • Selected entries will appear in the back of The North Valley Grimoire #1, released on May 17th, 2023

  • In additional to being credited in the issue and having your work in print, you'll receive a prize pack in the mail

  • EVERY ENTRY will be featured in a gallery on, and on my social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) along with your name and URLs - and you'll receive a special thank you in Issue #1

CVR I Sean Gordon Murphy Dossier Design copy 2.jpg
CVR D Johnny Rockwell Dossier Design.jpg
CVR C David Nakayama Dossier Design.jpg
CVR B Giuseppe Cafaro Dossier Design.jpg
CVR E Video Game Homagge Dossier Design.jpg
CVR A Fay Dalton Dossier Design.jpg
CVR G Johnny Rockwell Dossier Design.jpg

Visit the Previews Catalog to preorder 'The North Valley Grimoire' #1, for comic shops, with variant covers by Sean Gordon Murphy, David Nakayama, and more

FOC (Final Order Cutoff) for shops is April 17, 2023; on sale date is May 17, 2023


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